Asiana Starr

AsianaStarr is a website based upon a real-life couple – Asiana Starr and Marin Williams – who play out their BDSM and bondage fantasies and just let’s the camera roll. What you will find inside our members area is agonizing predicaments, strict ties, positions requiring hardcore endurance, story line videos, a bit of damsel in distress, and a lot of kink! Nothing is ever scripted or rehearsed with the exception of our custom videos so what you see is the real deal! When you combine a real-life couple who are experienced, and love what they do together, you get Martin Williams is the rigger, videographer, producer, web designer, graphic designer, and videographer of the site. I’m also the producer, editor, and model who’s responsibilities include updating the site, advertisement, editing all our content and custom videos, and yes, writing all the descriptions. We currently have over 1,500 of our original videos – available to stream AND download all put together an magnificent website environment. The beautiful Asiana Starr personally updates Club Asiana constantly throughout the week with new content. And we don’t just dump videos from our cameras to the website; every video is edited to perfection by Asiana personally.