wmbcv-0469 – Kobe Lee – Red Sunset – Jim Weathers – HD Quality – Damsel in Distress

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wmbcv-0469 - Kobe Lee - Red Sunset

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Duration – 00:16:03

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 Fresh, sweet, innocent Kobe Lee is here today struggling in a very shiny catsuit that is hugging her every curve. That ball gag sits so beautifully in her mouth, her lips wrapped so perfectly around the ball. That crotch rope – that crotch rope is digging in so deeply it’s almost cutting her in two! The more she struggles and pulls on her hands, the deeper the crotch rope digs in. How dastardly! Jim adds a blindfold then flips her over and spins her around, disorienting her before adding more rope. He hogties her, removes her shoes and tickles her nylon feet and belly. The drool is just pouring out of her mouth as she struggles with all her might until she is exhausted. Photo Set: wmbc20101015&nbsp