wmbcv-1334 – The adventures of UltraGirl – 2 – Jim Weathers – HD Quality – Spandex

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wmbcv-1334 - The adventures of UltraGirl - 2

Resolutions – 1280×720

Duration – 00:28:24

Size – 1030.9 MB


 After enduring a night of helpless orgasms (clip wmbcv-1333), UltraGirl (Chrissy Marie) finds herself strapped down to a table in Black Cat’s (Ashley Lane) lair. Black Cat explains that if she won’t submit to her, that she will end up a trophy, and opens the spout on a container suspended over UltraGirl. A thick, clear liquid pours down and starts to coat UltraGirl’s stocking feet. Black Cat explains that it is a polymer that will cover UltraGirl’s body and then harden into a rock-hard, shell, trapping her forever. Black Cat laughs and leaves UltraGirl to be slowly coated from head to foot. Can she possibly escape?!&nbsp